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Creative Bookshelves Design ideas for home interior decor

Aug , 25
Creative Bookshelves Design ideas for home interior decor

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Leaning Tree Bookshelves:

bookshelves design ideas,

Leaning bookshelves, just like tree bookshelves, offer a nice and simple way to display collections. The bigger items go on the bottom, the smaller ones on the top. There’s plenty of room on these shelves for planters, old records, books and ornaments.

K Workstation Bookself design ideas:

creative bookshelves design ideas,

K Workstation incorporates Bamboo laminated plywood for creating efficient space managing working space. The folding curved shape creates shelving and desk space within one working unit.

interior book shelves design concept,

K Workstation could manufactured each segments for easy fabrication process and transportation. Yet it could be configured with multiple possibilities. Ref-MisoSoupDesign.

Multi-functional shelf design:

creative bookshelves design ideas,

This Multi-functional shelf design by Yoon-Zee Kim is a playful and creative piece of furniture. You can use it as a shelving system or a seating and a desk. This piece of furniture has a modern look. Do not take to much space and is a very clever idea that looks nice.

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